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D & P Communications is proud to serve local residents and businesses with the most advanced technology available. Together, we can exceed expectations! Share the experiences and success stories of those in our local communities.


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"I Can Use Multiple Devices without Interruption"

Review from Lexi M.

D&P Communications has been my service provider for several years following their buyout of TC3net. They have excellent customer service at their local service locations. They have great Internet service, which is reliable and with the new fiber optic lines installed and high DSL, I am able to work from home for my clients without interruptions and run multiple devices on my home Wi-Fi systems without lag time.

The folks at D&P are knowledgeable and very customer service orientated. I would recommend their services to anyone new to the area!


"Always Great Service"

Review from Toni S.

I have always been a customer of TC3Net, and then when D&P took it over the service and bought them. Always have great service and eager to help with any questions. I would tell others about D&P and how helpful they are.


"Wish I'd Switched to D & P Sooner"

Review from Robert S.

Fantastic! D&P advertised 110 MBPS download. I am getting - through my router 107 MBPS. Upload speed is 23 MBPS. Can't argue with that can you? Compare to Frontier DSL which was 3.5 MBPS download (they promised 10 I think) and 0.25 MBPS upload. Pathetic! They started out with at about 8.5 MBPS and then after a couple weeks I was lucky to hit 4 MBPS! This was after they begged for me to stay with them! Well finally I switched. I wish I would have done it sooner! D&P came out, installed the equipment quickly an efficiently. The installer was knowledgeable and professional. They arrived around the time they said they would - a little earlier actually. I'm so happy! I'll update later if anything changes but, freak'n awesome so far...


"Friendly & Helpful"

Review from Sally P.

We have had D&P for several years. I have always had great customer service every time I've called.

Our signal/connection really started going downhill a few months ago and admittedly I was getting frustrated to the point of looking at and pricing other options. I called 2 or 3 times trying to resolve it. Every time seemed to "fix" it temporarily at best. However, the service reps AND tech support were nothing but friendly and helpful. So when I called yet again about how crappy our connection was, they sent a tech out, replaced our equipment, BAM. 101% better. They even had to send another tech out an hour later to make an adjustment, and they were apologetic and helpful.


"Highly Skilled and Professional Staff"

Review from Larry & Jane D.

We highly recommend D&P primarily because of their highly skilled and professional staff. We worked closely with Shannon in the Tecumseh office to determine our service requirements and she has been amazing. Then our installation technician Josh, was equally professional and detail oriented.
These people are exceptional and every consideration should be given to D & P.


"I Love You Guys!"

Review from PaperDoll Baby

The girls in the office are so sweet. Also, I'm really grateful you guys are here in Adrian. We've got your cable and Internet, had it for almost 2 years now, and it's been so great having the office right in town. I love you guys!


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The health, safety and well-being of our employees and our customers remain top priorities in this time of uncertainty caused by the continued spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Our branches will remain open to perform customer-facing transactions and provide one-on-one support while taking extra measures to protect our team, clients and communities through enhanced cleaning regiments.

We want you to feel confident we are doing what it takes to keep our customers and employees as safe as possible by carefully monitoring for changes within our footprint and will provide updates and action plans as new information emerges.