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Smart Whole-Office WiFi

We offer cloud-based, patented adaptive WiFi for fast, reliable, and secure connectivity with LTE backup for 24/7 business continuity 

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by delivering the flawless wireless experience your customers expect, along with the security and productivity tools they need.

Control Your Network

With easy onboarding, the WorkPassTM app gives small businesses unparalleled control over their networks  from any location.

Gain end-to-end network visibility with Haystack, Connect Pro's suite of intuitive support and ops tools that help you identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in real-time

Guest Network

D & P Connect Pro's ConciergeTM gives you a custom-branded customer WiFi network that turns usage data into actionable insights that can optimize service and boost margins. 

With FlowTM, you get Customer density and dwell time data helps small businesses understand activity trends, predict business demand, and optimize space.

Your network managed how you need it, with one simple app. 

Protect Your Network

ShieldTM is enterprise-grade security protects small businesses from cyber threats, with always-on network monitoring and three separate zones managing access to critical devices at the back office, employee, and guest level.

Advanced security models protect employee devices, thwart remote access, and block inappropriate material to create a safe  workplace for employees and guests.

All this with the ease of use that allows you to do it yourself from your smartphone.

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Our Commitment to Your Safety - COVID-19 ×

The health, safety and well-being of our employees and our customers remain top priorities in this time of uncertainty caused by the continued spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Our branches will remain open to perform customer-facing transactions and provide one-on-one support while taking extra measures to protect our team, clients and communities through enhanced cleaning regiments.

We want you to feel confident we are doing what it takes to keep our customers and employees as safe as possible by carefully monitoring for changes within our footprint and will provide updates and action plans as new information emerges.